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More Cozy Kitchen with Modern Cabinet Designs

Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | Kitchen

A modern kitchen cabinet is the opposite of a traditional style cabinet. The traditional cabinet styles tend to be decorated, while the modern kitchen cabinets clean-line forever.

purple modern kitchen cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets are usually made of wood with the fit or the added detail. A modern kitchen cabinet can be in any material or color, but always has a clean look and cool.

custom white kitchen cabinets

Most modern styles are frameless kitchen cabinet. The frame-less cabinet doors tend not to be beveled, or densely filled edges.

beautiful white kitchen cabinets

A modern kitchen cabinet usually features a smooth surface, although some may have wood cabinets and wood slats placed together. In this this case, the timber is often the color stain.

kitchen cabinets modern wood

Traditional styles Kitchen Cabinet usually open vertically. A modern design kitchen cabinet can offer sliding closet doors or a type of door that opens from bottom to the top as the overhead storage on airplanes.

white modern kitchen cabinet

The handles on the kitchen cabinets are modern embellished something simple. The hinges also tend to be flat if they demonstrate.

minimalist cabinet design

The modern pull cabinet door till the range of very thin metal rods flat square wooden knobs. Detailed knobs ceramic styles such as floral or enhanced large metal pieces are not likely to be found in modern kitchen cabinets.

modern cool kitchen

The woods used for cabinets for modern kitchens are likely to be smooth in the granulation. The knotty pine is much too rustic for a modern look. Dark woods and light can be used for modern kitchen cabinet if the overall look is clean.

wood kitchen cabinets

Cherry is a popular wood for cabinets modern. The dark cherry cabinets give an elegant look, while the lighter version is less formal.

modern beautiful kitchen

The metal is an ideal material for modern kitchen cabinets as it gives an industrial look. Stainless steel is a popular metal for modern cabinets and modern countertops applications. The look fresh, smooth stainless steel incorporates modern style. The colored enamel coated metal cabinets in bright colors such as blue or red is another option for modern kitchens.

modern blue red kitchen

The glass doors are common in many modern kitchen cabinet designs. The cabinet doors allow clear glass plates and other items to be displayed.

kitchen cabinet wood doors

The opaque types such as glass door varieties stored items reveal much. The types of glass doors create an airy look that works well with modern cabinets.

gray glass door cabinets

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